Our History

Our History


Assessment Center

Date: 2007-date Our assessment center is premised at the Table View South African Police Service grounds, and runs programs Monday to Friday from 9am until 2pm. Our offices also provide utility for the social services twice a week for community outreach.

In 2010, TLC initiated Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs (registered with social development) on these premises and from here we began to run (and continue to do so) school readiness programs for underprivileged children, living in the informal settlements, between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. Our curriculum is based upon the foundations of Elkana school syllabus, thus providing the children with the greatest opportunity to reach mainstream schooling entry levels.

Our project provides pick-up and drop-off transport for the children in Radar Bush and Takkegat as well as daily meals. Toy therapy is administered by qualified therapists to assist any children facing abuse or neglect at home. We also strive to provide term outings for the children to engage in the greater society and become sensitive to societal norms.

To date we have successfully restored approximately 15 children into mainstream schools in our community. Furthermore the assessment center also provides daily programs for the street children, youth at risk and ex-offenders aged 17 years and above. Here our programs are based upon an Independent Living Plan whereby self-sustainability is strived for through family reunification, preventative strategies, job creation and acquisition, as well as mental, physical, social and emotional accountability and consistency. These programs run weekly Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm. For this target group, TLC also partners with Matrix (City of Cape Town- Day Drug Rehabilitation Clinic) to follow up and support drug-free living.

Street Ministry

Every week we reach out to the homeless living on the streets of Table View Cape Town, seeking to bring hope to the hopeless.




Preventative Program

Date: 2002-date
These programs have been sustained in the following settlements, each with their own unique diversity:


This settlement is home to 28 families and 87 children. Here we provide educare programs three times a week in our Vuka youth cabin which provides the children their right to education within a routine specific and safe environment. These programs assist in readying the children for mainstream schooling. Our cabin is also utilized as a premise for counselling, mediating basic training, skills development and prayer meetings. Sport leaders also run weekly activities and implement daily programs in the settlement. In striving for holistic objectives we also aim to meet their basic health requirements and extend to facilitate social upliftment through job creation and acquisition. In addition, we feed the community once a week and provide food parcels on a monthly basis.

Onder die Brug

This settlement is home to 24 families and approximately 47 children, and is substantially growing. Our teams of sporting and head coordinators facilitate our programs based on family reunification, early intervention and increased awareness targeting the youth at risk and ex-offenders within the community. Our project also feeds these families once a week and is striving to implement self-sustainability through vegetable gardens.



Richwood is a smaller settlement homing approximately 18 families and 15 children.
This settlement uses wooden frameworks and draped plastic for shelter and has no electricity. TLC provides weekly feeding within the community and also monthly food parcels. Furthermore, we are aiming at empowering and enabling the community by implementing vegetable gardens.



This community is comprised of 28 families and approximately 20 children.
Besides the basic feeding scheme, TLC partners with clinics to tend to their medical requirements especially for those infected with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Our project focuses on health promotion and community development through family reunification, and youth at risk interventions.


Radar Bush (Happy Valley)

This settlement is nestled in Table View and is home to 14 families and 8 children. This community's living conditions are contrary to its jovial name, particularly during the winter months when weather conditions get the better of their shanty dwellings.

TLC therefore emphasizes to alleviate their environmental challenges by providing flood disaster management, storm damage relief as well as health, food and clothing when possible. Additional to this we have implemented parent-child programs to strengthen community action and elevate the community to self-sufficiency.


Due to this community dwelling amidst the refuse of the N7 tip site, our project strongly focuses on health promotion by providing and organizing regular clinic visits, food parcels and health risk awareness and counselling.

We have also initiated a mother and child program in this community.


Rooi Dakkies (Fakedale)

This settlement houses 15 families and 29 children.

This community is also situated among the N7 tip site and our project objectives are therefore the same as mentioned above in Spoorlyn.


Waymakers Farm (Place of Restoration)

Date: 2006-2010
This farm was leased through Waymakers by Communi-care. Our project objectives at Waymakers Farm aimed to provide accommodation for youth at risk and ex-offenders. Our programs integrated education and holistic well being through skills development and equipping such as farming, physical health boot camps and Bible studies.

Our team focused on rehabilitation through recreation, family reunification, prevention strategies and finally reintegration into society as independent persons.

Independent Living Plan

Date: 2012-date Finances to lease the house were provided for by the City of Cape Town for the year of 2013. The youth house accommodates youth at risk, and ex-offenders from the ages of 17 years old and above with a safe and supportive residence providing daily accommodation, meals, clothing and toiletries. The house members stay in the youth house for a period of 6 to 8 months and become part of our 5-Level structure that leads to training and equipping unto total healthy independence, as follows:

Level 1- New intake
Level 2- Drug free
Level 3- Seeking job opportunities and striving for societal reintegration
Level 4- Employment, consistent
Level 5- Independent, and become a volunteer to the project to give back to the community.

With this project TLC also networks with other like-minded NGO's such as Nicro, Onsplek, Homestead and Elim to provide overall intervention for the residents to meet all their goals. Programs run at the youth house include basic life skills such as coping strategies, stress relief, spiritual upliftment, self-identification, social presentation and physical health awareness. We also integrate educational workshops emphasizes job readiness and acquisition through mechanical skills, basic electrical skills, computer skills and cooking workshops. The main objective is for all residence to leave the house totally independent in all areas of their lives, to ensure this we also provide 6 to 12 month monitoring once level 5 has been reached successfully.

Safe House, Atlantis (Blue Haven)

Date: 2000-2005
Property - City of Cape Town Lease.

The project objectives and results were aimed at youth of 18years of age and under. The Safe House provided daily residential accommodation and daily meals. With focus on educational programs the project reintegrated the youth back into mainstream schooling (birth certificates and identity documents were put into place as part of this procedure). House parents assisted in the sustainability of the house and wellbeing of the youth.

About Us

TLC Outreach Projects is a non-profit, welfare organization, situated in the Table View Area. Our purpose is to care for destitute youth at risk. Through our various programs we seek to make a lasting differance in the lives of the people we come in contact with. Though our focus is on children, we educate, inform, encourage everyone to live a life of dedication to God and one another.

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