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Blessed with a home

A big Thank You to Carin from Remax Estate. A beautiful caravan was donated to TLC Outreach Projects.

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TLC has partnered with Aviva

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TLC Outreach Ministries and Avavi has partnered to give Aviva volunteers the opportunity to work hand in hand with TLC on their projects. [...]

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About Us

TLC Outreach Projects is a non-profit, welfare organization, situated in the Table View Area. Our purpose is to care for destitute youth at risk. Through our various programs we seek to make a lasting differance in the lives of the people we come in contact with. Though our focus is on children, we educate, inform, encourage everyone to live a life of dedication to God and one another.

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Tel: +27 21 204 4575
Cell: +27 83 658 4032
SAPS Table View
18 Pentz Drive
Table View