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TLC Outreach Projects

TLC Outreach Projects is a registered non-profit organisation located in Table View, Cape Town, South Africa. TLC, founded in 1996, is a community based project with the goals of saving and changing children's lives every day. In this from now on monthly released blog, we want to give you an insight into our organisation and how we are working.

TLC deals every day with children that have been abused in various ways, physically, sexually, emotionally and that have lived on the streets of Cape Town, some of them even for years. These children have taken drugs and had to live on their own from a very young age. They had to fight their way through a difficult, hard and dangerous life, not worthy the one of a child.

Our organisation is trying to help these children and make their lives better. We run several facilities for our care and preventive programs. To help even the youngest kids, TLC erected “Educare Centers”, located in the Table View Police station, that serve the purpose of caring for troubled children during the week and preparing them for school. These kids need love and care and sometimes even need to be fed after the weekend because they do not get food at home. By feeding and teaching them basic reading, writing and maths skills we try to give them the care and the education they deserve and that they do not receive at home.

The rehabilitation programmes for children and youth that were addicted to drugs and have been living on the street take place in the Youth House. The kids live here, currently eighteen, are taken care of, eat regularly and we try to either get them back into school or get them employed. Although all of them have been drug addicts at some point, they are clean now and have to undergo drug tests on a weekly basis. For the education programmes TLC provides them with reading and writing lessons, English lessons, computer lessons and uses counseling sessions to address their problems. They are not only receiving basic and advanced education but even more so are taught how to recover and rejoin society. This is done through intensive talks and personal counseling, with teaching them skills like discipline, self-control, communication and respect. TLC also cooperates with other organisations to assist these children using for example Horse-therapy sessions to address communication problems and overcome anxiety. With the kids living at the Youth House in a structured, consistent and organised facility they have to work hard on themselves and for themselves to rehabilitate and TLC is supporting them on this long and rocky path.

Nothing of this can be done without the continuous effort of the many volunteers and supporters that commit themselves with great effort to the programs in the office, Educare Center, Skills Development Centre and the settlements. We attend various meetings with the police, schools, different community organisations and representatives from the City of Cape Town, making sure to combine our efforts to reach our goals and help the community.

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