Programs which serves our underprivileged communities.

Independent Living Plan

The ILP program focuses on youth at risk, ex-offenders and the homeless, for the purpose of re-integration into society and normal living. The individuals undertake to become a TLC student and commit themselves to an intense program. The ILP program runs throughout the year and is driven by a passionate and dedicated team.

The ILP program covers the following modules:

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

We work in collaboration with Matrix Rehabilitation which conducts regular drug testing and offer education on drug and alcohol abuse.

Basic Life Skills Training

Classroom-based training, which focuses on teaching skills such as communication, healthy living, relationships, love, languages, self-identification and social presentation.

Emotional Development

Preparing students with ways to manage their emotions, life stressors and gain confidence.

Basic Skills Development

Basic computer skills, basic plumbing and basic electrical work and welding. It also includes the teaching of basic mathematics and reading skills.

Employment Placement

Assistance in placing students in suitable employment, as- and when employment opportunities become available.

Spiritual Development

Introduction to a spiritual life through Christian discipleship, daily devotions and regular church attendance.

Assisting students with obtaining their learner’s license

Teaching learner’s license material and funding the expenses to write the test.

Fitness and Exercise

Daily exercise program which includes running, exercising at the outdoor gym at Blaauwberg beach and bodyboarding.

In addition to the ILP program, the following programs also form part of our efforts to action change within our underprivileged communities.

Early Child Development Program

The ECD program focuses on school readiness for underprivileged children between the ages of 4 – 6 years old, living within the surrounding informal settlements.

The Crazy Daisy Project

The CDP is aimed at providing girls who have entered puberty with toiletries and other basic hygiene essentials, to encourage them not to stay away from school because they feel ashamed or overwhelmed.

Elderly Care

TLC visits Huis Zonnekus (A home for the elderly) once a week to action a Memory Care program for residents suffering Alzheimer’s and Dementia, whilst the balance of residents is entertained in the form of arts and crafts, nail painting and engaging in meaningful conversation.

Street Ministry

The Street Ministry entails engaging with the homeless (In conjunction with members of CRC Cares) on a weekly basis to bring them hope by praying for- and encouraging them to join TLC’s Independent Living Program.

Sport Academy

TLC offers a growing Sport Academy (Soccer, Bodyboarding and Netball) for underprivileged children from surrounding informal settlements, by providing the necessary equipment and transportation.

Special Events

TLC hosts several Special Events (Including Easter and Christmas events for the children and the Winter Blanket Drive) throughout the year to engage with the community.


The Preventative program is aimed at discouraging youth (From the surrounding informal settlements such as Radar Bush, Wolwerivier and The Village) from taking drugs, choosing a life of crime, engaging in unsafe sex and opting to live on the streets.

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